1 x Shure Beta 52
2 x Shure SM58
2 x Shure SM57

2 x Sennheiser MD421

1 x Sennheiser MD441 N
3 x Beyerdynamic M160 N(C) 
1 x Beyerdynamic M201 N(C)

1 x Beyerdynamic M88 N(C)
1 x EV RE20
2 x Rode NT1000

1 x Neumann U87 (Vintage)
1 x Rode Classic ll



2 x Golden Age Pre 73
4 x CAPI VP26

2 x CAPI VP312 
2 x CAPI VP28
2 x Hairball Lola
1 x Seventh Circle Audio N72
2 x JLM Baby Animal 500 series


1 x JLM Mac Stereo Opto Compressor
2 x JLM LA500 Opto Compressor

1 x Hairball Audio 1176 FET
1 x DBX 266XL Stereo Compressor/Gate
1 x Sound Skulptor CP 5176


1 x Orban 622B Stereo EQ


2 x RME Fireface 800


API 6 slot power supply chassis

JLM 8 slot powe supply chassis
Avalon U5 DI/Preamp


1 x Beyerdynamic DT990 pro
1 x Beyerdynamic DT770 pro
3x Sennheiser HD280 pro

1 x Shure SRH440
1 x Behringer MiniAmp Amp800


Boss GE-7 equaliser effects pedal
Banzai fireball overdrive effects pedal
Electro harmonix h/grail effects pedal
Boss SD overdrive effects pedal
Boss Tremelo effects pedal
Boss Delay DM2W
Devi Ever OK Fuzz
King Crime Fuzz
King Crime Overdrive

Keyboards and Midi Controllers 

Nord Electro 5D 61
Korg Minilogue
Roland SPD-X

The System

Mac Pro 2 x 2.4Ghz quad core/16GB RAM 

Pro tools 10

Logic Pro 9

Abelton Live


2 x KRK V8 monitors


Tascam M1600 mixing console


Gibson Les Paul Standard USA
Fender Stratocaster USA 90's
Fender Telecaster 52 Reissue
Epiphone Sheraton
Epiphone EJ200vs Acoustic guitar



Vox AC30TB British with Blue Alnico speakers
Fender Rumble bass amp

Drum Kits

Rogers 1972 Script
22" Kick
13" Rack
14" Rack
16" Floor

Kingstone (70's Japan)
20" Kick
14" Rack
18" Floor

Ludwig Acrolite (70's)
Ludwig Surpalite

Tama Steel Snare

20" Dream Bliss Crash/Ride
18" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash
14" Zildjian Armand Medium Thin Hi hats
16" Zildjian K Custon Hybrid Crash
16" Soultone Crash

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